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Our technology facilitates networking that promotes knowledge sharing


How It Works

You define your business outcome and who needs to be networking. Culturora takes over and recommends and facilitates human conversations across the organization to promote the knowledge exchange.

Our proprietary inputs plus AI drive convo matches, outreach and the convos themselves.

With real-time, actionable data you can step in where needed while we improve our match recommendations over time.

Intern & Leader Networking

Culturora automates, facilitates and tracks conversations as part of internship networking.

Conversations can be 1:1 or small group with tenured employees as well as among interns themselves.

Sales Training

Expedite learning curve and time to productivity for sales hires.

Swift connections with experienced team members provide opportunity to reinforce learnings and gain new insights into successful sales approaches.

University Recruiting

Enable recruiters to easily invite candidates from a specific school or program to small group convos.

A candidate only needs an email address and access to their calendar to seamlessly participate in recruiter-led discussions.

Affinity Group Networking

Culturora creates a safe space that supports inclusive conversations amongst and across affinity group members.

With customizable conversation prompts, "talk tracks" can be used by participants, and pulse survey questions can be tailored to capture specific insights.


Accelerated knowledge sharing drives value across industries


  • Accelerated decision-making
  • Enhanced collaboration across siloed departments
  • Leader knowledge share with interns & early career professionals
  • Cross-collaboration amongst sales, marketing, and customer support team
  • Reinforce alignment with organizational strategy


  • Enhanced productivity with less time searching for info 
  • Discover cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • Reinforce consistent customer messaging
  • Faster onboarding for new hires
  • Optimized insights into successful sales approaches


  • Efficient problem solving with timely access to in-house expertise
  • Cross-practice collaboration to leverage each other's expertise
  • Quick sharing of latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices


  • Enhanced collaboration facilitates efficient case management
  • Streamlined research sharing reduces time lost on redundant research
  • Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring  as experienced lawyers share insights with junior associates to ensure continuous institutional knowledge transfer


  • Clear communications as fast-growing tech rapidly brings new products to market
  • Efficient new hire onboarding with quick knowledge share to integrates fast and contribute ASAP
  • Faster knowledge sharing helps develop and implement standardized processes for  consistent and efficient business processes 


  • Alumni engagement to stay informed about current happenings, research achievements, and career opportunities
  • Career development info sharing keeps students informed about internships, job fairs, and resources to make informed decisions about career paths
  • International collaboration, sharing information about professional development opportunities, conferences, and workshops across borders

A seamless employee experiences drives 98% adoption

We make the matching recommendations 
We use your day-to-day work tools to automate and facilitate scheduling
We generate relevant convo prompts 
We provide actionable data on your knowledge networks

Culturora delivers on its promise.

With faster knowledge sharing, companies save time and increase work output, resulting in greater productivity.

I got to learn and establish a better relationship with a coworker. I learned more about them and saw their unique perspective on different topics.”

- Intern, Belk

I got to learn about other areas of the company and what they are doing.”

- Assistant Buyer, Belk

Good to hear new perspectives on the company and learn of ongoing projects.”

- Manager, Home Depot

I learned about an upcoming initiative with Emma's team. I was not aware of the design aspect of instructional design. .”

- Senior Manager, Home Depot

This conversation allowed me to learn about Target from a high level. I realized that work advice is relevant to my job even when coming from a Target leader.

- Intern, Target

“It was great to connect with our interns and understand their questions. I felt honored to share my advice with them.

- Leader, Target

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